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Innovation today, healthier tomorrows

What we believe

The core principles that guide us at Sunovion Canada are:

Our patients come first.

If we do the very best we know how for our patients, and the physicians who care for them, our business will grow.

It isn't innovative if it doesn't get results.

We are relentless in seeking out new and scientifically advanced treatments that deliver what patients and their physicians most want and need from their medicines—products that are effective and safe for them to take.

No one approach has all the answers.

Our products are the result of different approaches: our own in-house drug development programs; refining existing products to enhance their safety and efficacy profiles resulting in unique new medicines; along with strategic acquisition and so-called in-licensing of products developed by others.

We can do more good by specializing.

Sunovion Canada science focuses on many treatment areas, including central nervous system, cardiology and infectious disease.

Wellness promotes well being.

Healthy bodies and minds free people enabling them to turn outward and reconnect with family, friends, and the wider world. That's the principle that drives all we do at Sunovion Canada.