“What I like best about working at Sunovion is the collaborative spirit that exists here.”

Sales & Marketing

Elizabeth Theophile

Director, Promotional Materials Compliance Management

Sunovion Career Milestones

  • PMRC Enhancement Initiative
  • Chair of the PMRC Steering Committee
  • Promoted to Director, PMCM, Commercial Strategic Operations

Describe your role at Sunovion

As Director of the Promotional Materials Compliance Management department, I am responsible for the continuous improvement of Sunovion’s cross-functional promotional review and approval process.

How do you think Sunovion is helping patients?

Sunovion is helping patients by educating physicians and caregivers on therapeutic areas and disease states.

What do you like best about working at Sunovion?

What I like best about working at Sunovion is the collaborative spirit that exists here. Knowing that our common goal is to help patients, employees from across the organization work together on projects and initiatives that drive the business to continue to help patients.

Describe your career at Sunovion

What motivates me to work here is how our products help patients. Knowing that what each employee does, no matter in which capacity, how big or small, is driving business so we can deliver product to patients who need it. Working towards improving patients’ lives and/or caregivers’ lives makes me honored and proud to work for Sunovion.

The most fun I have had at Sunovion cannot be captured by an event or a meeting but by the friendships I have made during my 10+ years with the organization. Working and collaborating with friends makes interactions at work so much more enjoyable and fun.