“Working collaboratively with others who have the same goals for patients is incredibly rewarding.”

Governance & Administration

Katrina Iserman

Director, State Government Affairs

Sunovion Career Milestones

  • Collaborated on the launch of two new pharmaceutical products
  • Cultivated countless relationships and coordinated presentations and tours, furthering the mission and goals of MLSC and Sunovion/DSP
  • Served as Functional Liaison for Brand Planning from the Governmental Affairs Team

Describe your role at Sunovion

In State Government Affairs, our vision is to ensure that patients have access to medicines they need. We live that vision by being responsible for all legislation and regulations that impact the company and the patients we serve. Every day we focus on helping to ensure that, in our rapidly changing healthcare system, patients will be able to get the medicines they need.

I can’t think of a better way to spend my days. I am grateful to work with stakeholders to advance good public policy.

Working collaboratively with others who have the same goals for patients is incredibly rewarding. I enjoy the fact that no two days are alike.

How do you think Sunovion is helping patients?

Sunovion’s vision is to Lead the Way to a Healthier World and we are doing that by working to bring new, novel, best-in-class medicines to patients to treat debilitating diseases.

We also educate through our partnerships and campaigns so that patients better understand their disease and how to access the medicines they need.

What do you like best about working at Sunovion?

We are laser-focused on the patient. We are ethical, innovative and collaborative. I often say that the more we collaborate, the more we innovate.

Describe your career at Sunovion

When I came to Sunovion, we were building: building our Government Affairs Team, building collaborations with the mental health community—and it was exciting to be part of something new.

Our Government Affairs team was newly formed and we set out to identify key strategic opportunities to protect, promote and positively enhance an open business climate in the formulation of legislation and regulations. We have built solid relationships at every level of government, passed legislation, regulations, implemented corporate initiatives, developed partnerships with advocacy organizations, led teams to create better access and maximized memberships in organizations by gaining strategic speaker programs and more.

The best part is that it is always with patients in mind. That’s what makes our work so meaningful.

I enjoy the high energy at Sunovion and the collaboration that I’ve experienced in my region and when working internally on projects like brand planning. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Corporate Communications, Legal, Managed Markets and nearly every other group within the company.

I look forward to continuing the important policy work we do— knowing that because of what we do every day—the health care landscape is being improved to better serve patients. I can’t think of a better way to spend my days.