“I feel able to approach anyone here, regardless of their level.”

Governance & Administration

Tania Lock

Human Resources Operations Program Coordinator

Sunovion Career Milestones

  • Joined Sunovion in Corporate Communications in 2013
  • Joined Human Resources in 2014
  • Spotlight on Excellence Award-winner for achievements in the Onboarding Team and promoted in 2016

Describe your role at Sunovion

I am the coordinator for Sunovion’s corporate orientation and onboarding program, for our recognition program, “Illuminate,” and for the mentor program. In addition, I support the human resources leadership team and the Chief Administrative Officer with many other projects.

How do you think Sunovion is helping patients?

Within our key therapy areas for psychiatry, neurology and respiratory ailments, we sponsor approximately 150 advocacy events per year with the National Association for Mental Illness (NAMI), the Epilepsy Foundation and the American Lung Association (ALA). We also have approximately 50 national advocacy sponsorships per year. Recently, these included the American Red Cross, the Samaritans and Girls Inc.

What do you like best about working at Sunovion?

I love working with the people at Sunovion. I have worked for different companies large and small, and Sunovion employees have the best attitude. They are extremely professional, with a “think big” attitude towards creating new programs. As the company continues to grow its global footprint, we retain the ability to “act small” when solving problems and getting things done quickly. I feel able to approach anyone here, regardless of their level. There is a genuine team effort in this company, and I feel empowered to affect change.

Describe your career at Sunovion

I began my career at Sunovion in corporate communications, and I am now in human resources. Although I have worked in the pharmaceutical business for many years, I had never worked in either of these departments before Sunovion. I love the diversity, creativity and opportunity to develop that both of these roles have provided.