Responsible Practices

Earning trust and recognition in our industry and our communities

Corporate Social Responsibility

Compassion, ethics and dedication unify Sunovion employees.

Since the Company’s inception in October 2010, Sunovion has focused on building its global infrastructure, throughout North America and Europe in particular, to broaden the availability of current and future medicines. Our goal is to continue to expand our global footprint and deepen relationships with the partners and communities with whom we work to provide innovation, meaningful advocacy, and relevant education aimed at improving lives and deepening the understanding of serious medical conditions.

Every step of the way, our innovative work has been, and continues to be, guided by integrity, compassion and dedication that have become hallmarks of our company. Honesty, transparency and deep caring have earned us trust and recognition in our industry and the communities with which we work.

Sunovion Code of Conduct and Ethics

At Sunovion, we strive to contribute to society through the innovative application of science and medicine for the betterment of health care worldwide. We are focused on discovering, developing, and commercializing safe and effective treatments for people living with serious medical conditions. We also understand our responsibility to ensure that our decisions are guided by what is in the best interest of patients. We are committed to improving the lives of the people we serve, the growth and empowerment of our employees, and the success of our company.

The Sunovion Code of Conduct and Ethics provides the framework under which we integrate our mission into our daily activities—both as employees of the company and members of the communities where we conduct business. The Sunovion Code of Conduct and Ethics is comprehensive and addresses all areas of how we conduct business with responsible practices. This code includes a focus on creating safe and high-quality products, conducting business the right way, demonstrating professional integrity and operating truthfully and transparently. The Code also focuses on providing a safe and respectful workplace. By following this Code, we ensure that we care for the environment, support charitable contributions and civic involvement and participate appropriately in the political process.